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reduktive musiken, cd in modified jewelcase with screenprinted cover on transparent found + stolen material, limited to 75 copies

01 - working wreck (14'29")
02 - wrecking work (11'00")
03 - work wrecks (06'06")
04 - wreck works (09'32")
05 - ...

working wreck / wrecking work is based on concrete fieldrecordings of a journey through germany, the netherlands, france and ireland climaxing in a massive carcrash and an end in a crowded emergency station (track 05) in cork hospital. sounds of places like parkinglots next to the freighttrain railway tracks, the ruins of nazi bunkers, sewagedrains, crew-elevators to the engineroom and parkdecks of the channalferry, welding of the camping van and fires in the irish swamplands by night + so on are describing the way in wich damgaged things / beings try to function (working wreck), slow and heavy movements and paralysed drones, self-destructive overloads / burnouts (wrecking work), harsh cuts in the static of hypnoting sounds strange / unhealthy endresults of sick production (work wrecks), depression, frustration, tiredness. non-motivating progress + the urge to sabotage the continuum (wreck works). the material was mixed and manipulated on 4-track tapes and digitally resurrected in the beginning of 2004.