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DRIFT (2005)

totes format + antiinformation, split double mini-cd in styrofoam meat-box with inlaycard wrapped in cellophane foil, limited to 50 copies. available here.

Two works referring to the passive or active state of drifting. Being part of a mass implies a lack of selfcontrolled movement, the mass inertness is part of every individual, even if you try to change direction the code of the old movement still cannot be escaped.

from the inlaysheet:
"The face of the one most widely used CPR dummy, was modeled on that of an anonymous young woman whose body was fished from the Seine around the turn of the 20th century. It was believed she had taken her own life, but since she was never identified, no details of her life were known and the events leading to her demise remain a mystery. The unknown girl was entered in the books at the Paris morgue as "ecadavre feminin inconnu" (unknown female cadaver) before her remains were disposed of in an unmarked pauper's grave. A death mask was made of her features, but it is unclear if this was done in furtherance of attempts to establish her identity or because an unnamed morgue attendant was so taken by her visage that he took it upon himself to craft a memento of her beauty. (It is not true that death masks were routinely made of all decedents who graced the Paris morgue with their presence. Instead, beginning in 1881, the bodies of up to fourteen unknown persons would be laid out in a chilled room fronted by a plate glass window before which an endless train of the curious would pass, in hopes that some of the passersby would recognize some of the morgue's unidentified guests."

evapori - part 1 (09:05) - part 2 (11:32)

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