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wachsender prozess, cd compilation in a spraypainted cover as part of the zine ORADEK

RADIOPHONIE - 10 JAHRE RADIO GAGARIN cd-compilation has been released as a bonus cd in the fanzine ODRADEK by WACHSENDER PROZESS. the projects who performed on the anniversary-festival, plus some others, who contributed to this compilation, were asked to create a track on the theme of "radio". the sounds used for this track were recorded direct from the radio, in a very short period of time (about half an hour or less) and then arranged on a four track tape. the track is dedicated to IAN CURTIS who suffered from epilepsy, a neuronal effect, triggered by neurons sending "false" informations. considering the media-overload transmitted every second, there is a similarity here. just try to dance to the radio and you'll see, that this might lead to a strange fit.

01 - radiolepsie (05:44)

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