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"...there was a huge traffic jam (...) and i just can't wait to get to the dead bodies,laying there on the bloody asphalt."

the short film "kollisionskurs" ("collisioncourse") was made during the enquiries for a larger videoproject (TUNNEL BRUECKE) in the same location, the structure and surroundings of a motorwaybridge crossing the river elbe. the video shows the hard-to-grasp logic of heavy traffic on big roads, like motorways from the point of view of an bystanding individual (without the power of an fueldriven engine, the velocity or the steel armour of cars). the viewer sees perspectives, wich are restricted for human beings (who usually sit behind the steering wheel), but which are deadly reality for animals, whose "natural" habitats are sliced-up by the roads and the stream of the droning herd. the film also tells the story of the longing for the crash, the wish for the escalation of the brute force the roads symbolizes in acoustic and archetectural means...scrapmetal, leaking fuel, splinters of glass, blood and screams of pain or even better deadly silence.. the road MCA. the vision of a crash is implied in every image of roadtraffic.

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