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totes format + antiinformation, vhs-tape, with full colour cover and inlay, limited edition

schwindel (swindle / giddiness)
a constant movement, and yet somehow still stagnant. there are no forwards. in the end, all of the linear tangents create an area painted black in every sense. even if there are no obstacles / walls / borders on the first / superficial view, it doesn't mean that there is freedom of movement... my movement in the surrounding structure is similar to the intoxicated rodent, which is not put into a physical maze, but is instead limited by the substances it has been force fed... the question if my "poisoning" and the resulting patterns of movement are choosen or forced, can not be answered by me, but there is definitely the longing to turn away from the given path... to make / walk a negation of (a way of) life.

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