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videoperformance of totstellen during the "das kleine fieldrecording festival" 2009 in hoerbar/hamburg.

in this work the terrain of fieldrecordings has been questioned. is the so called cyberspace a part of what is described as "field", in fieldrecordings? as part of our enviroment (or even "nature") all kind of (sound)spaces have to be taken into account, no matter if it is the songs of the birds or radio, mobiletelephone or w-lan airwaves surrounding us. as a lot of artist choose the cage of a www-platform called myspace as one of their fields of activity, in this video the sound of the (sound)enviroment consist not only of the inner city bushes, but also of the competing voices of the fellow participants of the festival, as they are struggling to get through the limited bandwith of the virtual path to friendship.

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