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komaschine (2012)

totes format, black mini-cd in mini-dvd case. limited to 30 copies.

order it for 5€(+ postage) here or via bandcamp

rather quiet and dreamy / nightmarish coma-drones based on sound- and voicesamples of the movie by the quay bros.

nobody ever wanted this, it was just one of many possibilities, some are attached to cables and tubes, others are attached to other things. everything runs smoothly, the dying and the less dying work deliberately together for an eternal life of something else, that no one even knows by name...

there is no escape, no way out. no hope. even the passive / active element is part of the machinery. on = off. out = in. the last stage of the development of the omnipresent on / off switch makes this painfully clear.

order it for 5€ (+ postage)