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audio / videoinstallation

videosnippet from the installation:

the bridge and the tunnel. both could be called totalitarian(1) architecture. they lead directly to an aim/goal. the way leads from A to B. other directions or branches are nearly impossible. it needs a lot of energy(2), to use the bridge as a starting platform (for a flight for example) or to widen the tunnel in other directions (by digging for example)(3).

more options(4): a) stillstand - the bridge offers a view(5), the tunnel shelter(6). b) selfdestruction - the bridge offers a fall, the tunnel a wall to smash your skull against.(3)

the tunnel gives an abstract hope. it shows the goal as a luring light only or shows the way as illuminated. it shows nothing else, there is no surrounding. the bridge lurs with a smaller image of the goal, embedded into the surroundings, pretending honesty.

hybrids are tunnels seeming to be bridges. transparent walls and ceiling(7), are allowing the view onto the surroundings, but are making a fall or take-off twice as hard.

modular systems allow to have different combinations, resulting in the effect of conditioning the probant(8) to believe in the idea of the general power of the structure. then weak parts in the structure are not used to make a try to escape(10), even if there is the longing(9) for it.

(1) in the sense of propaganda. paralysing the ability to reflect given ideas.
(2) in the sense individual power or methods/technics.
(3) blowing up the whole thing is always an option.
(4) wrongly defined as weakness.
(5) onto the areas beneath.
(6) from enviromental influences.
(7) glas, plastic, wire netting and bars.
(8) guineapigs in a laboratary situation.
(9) pretended
(10) a change of direction, without goal.

movement and rigidness.
space and non-space.
distance and nearness.
abhorrence and longing.
fleeing and approching.

hope for a change in vain, if it is focused on mankind and it's idea of the world, the founding behaviour, prsent in every cell. REPRODUCTION. the permanent spurting of semen, the wish for growth and the caring and nursing of the own, the grasping to patterns and the unability to let them dissolve. the longing for a change leads to an abhorrence of the moment, or the other way round. the attempt to escape is a movement into a distance, an unknown structure to the body, which triggers the longing for known forms and nearness. the longing is turning back. a new hope grows. the circle is closing. no escape.

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