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grmmsk - unfrei [tape]

white C-16 chrome cassette tape, limited 1st edition with 15 copies,with inlaycard and cover made from found russian postcards, handpainted, scratched and stamped.

two brand new tunes in the praised DOOM[dub] style. oozing rebelmusic, from the depths of babylon's sub-zero zones. "unfrei" is german and means "unfree". this states the general situation from which this sound emerges. the still chained-up roots, that are not only downpressed by racism and colonialism, but by a UNITY OF OPPRESSION with many faces.

" Essential 21st century listening in my humble opinion. " by

5€ (+ postage)

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grmmsk - dirty snow [tape]

[black C-24 chrome cassette, first 30 tapes come in special handmade styrofoam-case, with aerosol etching, 1st edition limited to 50 copies.]
4 tracks of freshly exhumed doom(dub) from helsinki. jamaican steel rhhythms in frozen echo-spaces.

5€ (+ postage)

order directly by mail or through bandcamp.





totstellen - live @ wendel (berlin 2006)[tape]

(white C-22 cassette in cardboard case,each with one of 12 different coverdesigns. limited to 25 copies, handnumbered.)

new tape-release with an archive live-recording from 2006, based on the material from the tunnel bruecke audio/video-instalation accompanied with a selfbuild string instrument, played with a handdrill. the instrument has been build from found material of the same location as the sound sources: the insides of a motorwaybridge crossing river elbe.

5€ (+ postage)

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totstellen - komaschine [black mini-cd]

(in mini-dvd case. limited to 30 copies, handnumbered.)

rather quiet and dreamy / nightmarish coma-drones based on sound- and voicesamples of the movie by the quay bros.


nobody ever wanted this, it was just one of many possibilities, some are attached to cables and tubes, others are attached to other things. everything runs smoothly, the dying and the less dying work deliberately together for an eternal life of something else, that no one even knows by name...

there is no escape, no way out. no hope. even the passive / active element is part of the machinery. on = off. out = in. the last stage of the development of the omnipresent on / off switch makes this painfully clear.

5 euro (+ postage)

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grmmsk - [the end] PROPHECIES [cd]

(black cd-r in handmade fullcolour sleeve with additional inlay sheet, limited edition of 30 copies)

imagine winter in frosted hellsinki... stalking the dirty grey snowscapes of an urban nightmare with oldschool JA dub-classics in my ears, playing on my low-battery run walkman... the rythm of reinforced concrete tombstones rammed into the hardned soil mixes with the off-beat, the foundation of new buildings... shelves for the livestock of this system, slaves of moloch, white material... the only lights are synthesized but very soon they will fade to black. this is white babylon and instead of burning, it will freeze and shatter, then melt like the rest of the horrid white world into a greygoo apocalypse.

sold out.





totstellen - mein licht beleuchtet nur abgruende [cd]

(in silkscreened handmade tarpaper envelope with booklet. limited to 50 copies.)

processed fieldrecordings of a journey through the baltic states, finland + lapland. reflections on constructed nature + disruption as utopia.

8 euro (+ postage)






schuppen - haupsache (ein) dach ueber'm kopf [cd]

(in simple transparent foil envelope with black + white cover)

experimental trio with an attitude. drums: RZA AKA BOBBY DIGITAL, bass: JZA THE GENIOUS, handdrill + electronics: BILL "MOTHERFUCKING" MURRAY.

sold out. (download!)






schrankaffe - 87-93 [cd]

(cd in extra cheap chinese plastic with original artwork and without stickers)

discography of this legendary ost-punk combo.

sold out.





totstellen - KSR [cd]

(cd with booklet-cover silkscreened on found material + video)

a narrative journey through the ruins of utopian architecture, recorded in 2002/3.

limited edition of 175 copies

8 euro (+ postage) - (also available from 1000+1 TiLt)





grmmsk / neuvoksi - punk on kuollut [dvd]

(in dvdcase with cover and inlaycard)

videodocumentation of the finlandtour 2007 and additional experimental videos.

6 euro(+ postage)

more or less...



totstellen - tunnel bruecke [cd]

(in black plastic case with fullcolour cover with inlaycards)

released by totes format + reduktive musiken in 2006, limited to 100 copies.

a study of architecture and the perspectives it implies. an acoustic reflection of the so called civilisation. entirely recorded inside the structure of a motorwaybridge, which is simulaneous a tunnel + even a labyrith underneath the droning traffic stream. originally the sounds were part of an experimental audio/visual installation with videomaterial shoot in the same location.


hope for a change in vain, if it is focused on mankind and it's idea of the world, the founding behaviour, present in every cell. REPRODUCTION. the permanent spurting of semen, the wish for growth and the caring and nursing of the own, the grasping to patterns and the unability to let them dissolve. the longing for a change leads to an abhorrence of the moment, or the other way round. the attempt to escape is a movement into a distance, an unknown structure to the body, which triggers the longing for known forms and nearness. the longing is turning back. a new hope grows. the circle is closing. no escape.

8 euro (+ postage)
-(also available from REDUKTIVE MUSIKEN)





grmmsk - punk on kuollut [minicd]

(handmade foldout cover)

a funeral march for an deceased culture/fashion. bastardpunk-cut-ups.

sold out. free download!




totstellen / evapori - drift [double minicd]

released by totes format + antiinformation tapes in 2005 as a split double mini-cd with EVAPORI. the two mini cds come in a special styrofoam meat-box filled with material(?) with A4 inlaycard wrapped in cellophane foil, limited to 50 copies.

both projects concentrate of the spectrum of possible movements in a drifting structure.

Two works referring to the passive or active state of drifting. Being part of a mass implies a lack of selfcontrolled movement, the mass inertness is part of every individual, even if you try to change direction the code of the old movement still cannot be escaped.

from the inlaysheet:
"The face of the one most widely used CPR dummy, was modeled on that of an anonymous young woman whose body was fished from the Seine around the turn of the 20th century. It was believed she had taken her own life, but since she was never identified, no details of her life were known and the events leading to her demise remain a mystery. The unknown girl was entered in the books at the Paris morgue as "ecadavre feminin inconnu" (unknown female cadaver) before her remains were disposed of in an unmarked pauper's grave. A death mask was made of her features, but it is unclear if this was done in furtherance of attempts to establish her identity or because an unnamed morgue attendant was so taken by her visage that he took it upon himself to craft a memento of her beauty. (It is not true that death masks were routinely made of all decedents who graced the Paris morgue with their presence. Instead, beginning in 1881, the bodies of up to fourteen unknown persons would be laid out in a chilled room fronted by a plate glass window before which an endless train of the curious would pass, in hopes that some of the passersby would recognize some of the morgue's unidentified guests."

8 euro (+ postage)

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grimm - schwindel [videotape]

(15min vhs tape in black case with fullcolour cover)

audiovisual study of archtectual structures in urban space and minds.

5 euro (+ postage)




totstellen - fliehkraft [minicd]

(handmade cover with individual artwork, inlaycard + 70 virtual photographs)

conceptual audiowork about rotation as a social force and it’s effects.

sold out. free download!



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