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recordings for the summer, 2x10min tape collaboration in a handmade cardboard cover + bodylotion, limited edition

this piece was recorded for the KOPF UND NAGEL 2x10min tape-compilation. RECORDINGS FOR THE SUMMER asked four projects to contribute a five minute track, made with the dogma using of no filters or other effects in the process of editing the sounds of destruction. i recorded different sounds in an abandoned office building: the crushing of neon tubes, the ripping of cardboard boxes, the break + entering into locked doors, electrical shortcircuits which have lead to the destruction of the ventilation, an axe smashing into a working tv set + the sound of spraypaint on huge windows. the following text has been printed on my part of the inlay:

"if the voice fails or won't find an ear the destructive act is the only answer i can give to the structure wich grinds me... the signs of my inside. scratches, splinters, cracks (made) unuseable against /for force..."

01 - nagel + kopf (05:44)

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