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cold coffein addict, tape compilation in a paper envelope with inserts

a track for the RELAX-compilation tape released by COLD COFFEIN ADDICTS and the title was ment to be the main theme of the contributed tracks. i tried to create a sound wich drags you down to the point where you don't care for your self anymore, i imagined a situation in wich you are trapped in a hermetic closed room and have to deal with the fact to be unable to escape, every rage wastes the remaining oxygen and the only way to stay alive a bit longer (and hope for a rescue) is staying as calm as you can. like in the shortstory NOC KSIEZYCOWA from STANISLAW LEM. from wich radioplay adapdion ,the voicesample was taken, it gives you the advice to lay on your back immediately, to relax your muscles, to breath very slowly, not more than 13 or 14 times per minute + to think of happy ,or at least neutral things.