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III (2002)

diy, tape / cd + booklet in special package made of tarpaper with leaden seal,
limited to 30 tapes + 25 cds


abseits (beyond)

watching post, everything is seen in crosshairvision
inner withdrawl, getting away from "serious life"
invisible bridges have been burned
+ certain "rules of the game" have been ignored.
end of the round, standpoint: beyond

ruinentraum / traumruinen (dream of ruins / dreams in ruins)

straszen.schlaf.los (street.sleep.less)

delirious in a fog of gasoline. affected by urban powerlessness. weak steps tumbling in floods of steel. forced to stay on an island. again + again the droning herds are interupting the sleep.

others don't have any ground under their feet anymore.

escapefunktion (escapefunction)

... if the own death is the most attractive vision of the future.

outro most part this seems to be a statusreport of myself. an image constructed from different fragments emerges: thoughts, aesthetics + studies of the so called reality. but this image is fragmented still. in the first place TOTSTELLEN is an escapevehicle to get away form total lethargy (+ this in times so much more things would be a necessity) ...III has been finalized in april '02.

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