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II (2000)

diy, c-60 tape, with booklet, limited to 50 copies

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(my)a way to give emotions/memories/thoughts a form. distorted sometimes, more clear another time. not a sterile vison at all. (my)a way to escape from the claws of stagnation, sometimes. an end in itself,another time. perfection unreachable.

irrweg (losing path)

constantly on the move, accompanied by the lack of a map or a plan + the tendency to stagnate.

zerstoeren / beenden (destroy / to end it)

humans as enemies.

all utopia long exterminated. the rocks blocking the path became highrises full of cops(?). in reaction the wish to destroy everything grows. to level everything. to end it. if i had a tool to terminate all civilised human life + all its progresses, i would not wait a second to use it.

kollisionskurs / crashcurse

a unstopable steel-avalanche forces its path through almost every moment of my conscious life. cars, the symbol for human arrogance. noisy, poisonous + and a waste of space. the shiny polished tank protects its drivers from their own actions + rips even the last connected resorts into pieces. how many times i wish for a brutal crash...right in front of my eyes. revenge for every roadkill, every chopped down tree + every second of engine noise...every carwreck + all mashed up cardriver will be a symbol for my anger.

blindflug (blindflight)

"it takes about 30.000 litre of water to build a computer and a monitor."

how many times vanishes the the consciousnes of the frightening decadence we live in in the everlasting flicker of the blinding light-traps. silenced by selfpity + hoping for salvation... endless possibilities of consumption are baiting + steering.. competing satisfaction-autopilots. blind flight into happiness.


in some cases madness is not a wrong turn...
in some cases madness is nessecary adaption...
in some cases madness is the only way out...

dreckfresser (dirteater)

throw my body in the trash.


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